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 Characters of Card Captor Sakura

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PostSubject: Characters of Card Captor Sakura   Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:54 am

I changed the names for some of the characters, and I'm sorry, but it's my fandub so I want different names (not english names, except for Alex). By the way, not all the characters have a different name. The criteria is: if the name sounded really strange, I changed it to another name.

-Sakura: Protagonist
-Syaoran: Protagonist.
-Kerberus: Nick name: Kero. Protagonist.
-Tomoyo Daidoji: Protagonist Sakura's best friend.
-Clow Reed: Creator of the cards. Doesn't appear very much.
-Yukito Tsukishirou: Friend of Touya. He is Yue. Protagonist
-Touya: Sakura's brother.
-Fujitaka: Sakura's father.
-Meilin: Syaoran's cousin and self-proclaimed fiancée. Protagonist (doesn't appear in all the episodes)
-Naomi Daidoji: Sonomi in the original version. Tomoyo mother. She appears in just few episodes.
-Takashi Terada: Yoshiyuki Terada in the original version. He is the teacher of Sakura and her classmates.
-Rika Sasaki: Rika Sasaki in the original version. She is a friend of Sakura.
-Yua Mizuki: Kaho Mizuki in the original version. She is a teacher of sakura for some time.
-Nadeshiko: Sakura's mother. She is death but appears in some episodes as an angel.
-Naoko Yanagisawa: Sakura's friend.
-Daisuke Yamazaki: Takashi Yamazaki in the original version. Sakura's friend.
-Shiharu Mihara: Sakura's firend.

And some others that are extras so they can be played by anyone!

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Characters of Card Captor Sakura
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